100 Percent

"I enjoy working at Müller-technik because I am always confronted with new challenges, and the work atmosphere is great."

Daniel Hasse, process mechanic for plastic and rubber technology

It sizzles. A thousand times per day. Every time an injection molding machine releases the finished product and places it in the grid box. The manufactured products include side mirrors, gearshift components, seat levers and other plastic car parts.

The manufacturing types are as individual as the products. We overmold metal parts, utilize the gas-assisted injection molding procedure, the 2-component technology, the Tandem procedure, pad printing and the multiple-component technology to produce components to be chromed.

Our process mechanics operate, monitor and calibrate the machines using all their experience to utilize the modern technology as optimally as possible. In the end, the process yields products that fit one hundred percent. For some time now machine operators themselves have been contributing to quality assurance by performing the worker self-inspection – in addition to the usually quality checks.

Our employees are happy to take on this responsibility, and our customers are pleased since our products have improved even more.