Always one
gear ahead

Our most important products are gearshift components for automatic transmission vehicles, which also includes, for example, 2-component products. This makes the manufacturing process quite complex. At Müller-Technik we love the challenge of making complex processes as simple and effective as possible. Examples? Just turn the page!

2C Adapter VW Standard Gearshift

The bottom part on which the actual gearshift is placed incorporates several special processes for plastic manufacturing. It is molded with the 2-component procedure. Initially, the machine overmolded four automatically inserted metal bolts. It then turns and molds the soft component.

Insert Products VW Standard Gearshift

At our location in Koszalin in Poland we manufacture large piece numbers of insert products for the VW standard gearshift using a round table machine. The tool is designed to keep production times short despite the fact that it concurrently overmolded a galvanized steel plate. We overmold the plate with a glass fiber reinforced polyamide.

Gear knob Fiat 3101

The Fiat gear knob is indeed quite complex. It consists of several components that again incorporate other components. Müller-Technik fabricated the gear knob in a 2-component procedure. The component was overmolded with TPU material for pleasant haptics. The surface of the chromed frame had to be absolutely deficiencyfree and feel good to the touch. Our customer was already excited about our suggestion during the initial sample phase. Serial production for the gear knob began.