Our Project Managers
and their "Babies"

"The formulation of a problem is often far more essential than its solution since the precise formulation leads to the solution and to the successful completion of the project."

Jörg Sieverding, head of project management, describes his most important maxim based on a quote by the famous physicist Albert Einstein.

It takes about nine months for an initial idea to mature until it is ready for serial production. No wonder our project managers talk about projects as their “babies”. They accompany the complete development process of the product.

The project managers ensure that the ideas ofcustomers are taken into account and implemented from the very beginning. They are the first contact person for change requests and ensure that all departments work hand in hand. They also make sure that the component enters serial production on time and the budget is not exceeded.

Our project managers make use of their vast experience while taking the specifications of Norm IATF 16949 for quality management into account so that, ultimately, their “baby” is delivered safely and on time.