Even the largest external storage will be too small if a company continuously grows over the course of 30 years. We, therefore, decided in 2009 to build a logistics center at our headquarter in Steinfeld. The new high-bay storage with room for 8500 pallets has been operating since 2011. Routes have been shortened and incoming and outgoing goods can be processed significantly faster.

The special logistical feature of the warehouse contributes to this. We have connected both buildings via a fully automatic conveyor bridge because the production and storage areas are separated by a street. Pallets are placed on a conveyor belt at one end and a lift transports these automatically to the bridge; the bridge then delivers the pallets to the other building.

The goods can be loaded at ten shipping ramps which results in shortened loading times.

Energy efficiency

Our logistics center is heated via a heat-recovery system, which utilizes the thermal discharge from our injection molding machines. A photovoltaics facility on the roof of the building also produces electricity through solar energy, another future-oriented feature.

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