success story

1984 Founding in Steinfeld

Four employees produce packages for cosmetics, horse gaiters and lamp parts with two injection molding machines.

1986 Founding Tool making

The fi rst addition is added to the company building. Müller-Technik expands production with injection molding tools in order to react quicker to customer demands.

1995 Joint Venture with a Polish company

Müller-Technik enters new markets in East Europe due to the fall of the Iron Curtain. A new production

1998 Introduction 3D Software ProE for construction

This software allows us to read Catia data via an interface. The software’s simulation techniques make tool construction simpler and more precise. A new eroding machine with automatic electrode or workpiece changers offers considerable procedural advantages.

1999 Development Multiple-component-technology

This technology makes it possible to overmold metal parts without reworking. Müller-Technik opens up an independent production area MCT.

2004 Certification

Müller-Technik offi cially adheres to internationally recognized regulations for quality and environmental management and is successfully certifi ed according to ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001.

2006 Acquisition of Plastics k.s. in the Czech Republic

Müller-Technik starts an independent production in Tuchlovice one year after the founding of the trading company in the Czech Republic. Concurrently, the company conducts the moldfl ow analysis for the development of articles.

2009 25-years anniversary

The company celebrates 25 years of operations. At the same time, graphite milling is introduced in tool construction as well as the stain-free conditioning of plastic parts.

2011 Opening logistics center

The 63-meter long fully automatic conveyor bridge between the new storage and production is the technical highlight.

2012 Introduction lean management

Slim structures and business processes make Müller-Technik sustainable.

2014/15 Expansion of the location in Germany and 30-years anniversary

Müller-Technik builds a new production hall and new office rooms on account of a profi table order situation. Successful certification of energy management according to ISO 50001.

2015 New building of a clean room class 7-8

To do justice to the increasingly sharper industrial requirements. So products can be produced dust-freely among other things with a high-precision surface.

2016/2017 Production in Mexico, joint venture as of August 2017

By the partnership with a German Company* Mexican and American markets shall be opened.

2017 Award: Top-Innovator

In dem Wettbewerb überzeugte Müller-Technik besonders mit seiner neuen Kommunikationskultur, die durch das Shopfloor-Management geprägt wird.

2017 Award: Entrepreneur of the year

MT**'s managing directors were honored for exceptional performance as a Entrepreneur of the year.

*Hankensbütteler Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH & Co. KG
**Helmut Kohake & Ulrich Ehrenborg