Being aware of
tomorrow, today


Sustainability is such a nondescript word. We say it differently: For us, sustainability means thinking about tomorrow, today. We want the world to be better for the generations after us. And we are doing everything possible to use our resources as gently as possible.

Which of course, above all, refers to the manufacturing of our products. Our products, with a few exceptions, can be entirely recycled – and do not end up in the landfill. Conserving electricity and natural gas is also important to us. We, therefore, initiated an energy management in 2014, which was certified according to the strict stipulations of ISO 50001.

Despite the new addition and the increase in production, our environmental balance sheet remains impressive. However, this does not mean that we should not try to save even more energy. Prospectively, we want to install energy sub-counters; the recordings of these counters will be evaluated and displayed automatically in order to monitor energy consumption. We are also optimizing the air pressure by modernizing the conduit system and thereby lowering the required air pressure level for the long term.

We also want to gradually upgrade to LED lighting or a comparable energy-saving technology.